“My son (age 3) and I LOVE the books.  We have all four of them.  The stories are great,  the books are really well made, and we love the colorful pictures.  My son keeps asking to go to bed early because he wants to read his Service Pals books.” -Miki S.

“We have read it twice so far and it is a great story with a valuable lesson! My son loves it” – Heather S.

“What a fun way for children to learn about our military and the different types of Equipment/vehicles they use. My niece and nephews love these books!”- BH

“Both my boys love this book, (2 and 5 years old), Tony has a hard time because his talent isn’t obvious, but some last minute heroics reveals his medal. Good story, good pictures. Boys request it most nights before bed. The break down of the planes at the end is nice too. Waiting for more adventures of Totin’ Tony!!!” – C. Lamason